Tiger 3 Enterprise

Tiger 3 Enterprise
Tiger 3 Enterprise
Tiger 3 Enterprise
Tiger 3 Enterprise
Tiger 3 Enterprise
Tiger 3 Enterprise
Tiger 3 Enterprise
Tiger 3 Enterprise
Tiger 3 Enterprise
Tiger 3 Enterprise
Tiger 3 Enterprise
Tiger 3 Enterprise

Tiger 3 Enterprise International is a suited ERP solutions for large enterprises in non-manufacturing and manufacturing industries.

Basic Models:

These modules are embedded in the basic software package, and customers can purchase from additional modules list and add them to their package.

✓  Warehouse Management

✓  Cash Accounting

✓  Procurement

✓  Commitment Accounting

✓  Purchasing

✓  Branch Accounting

✓  Sales

✓  Inflation Accounting

✓  Distribution

✓  Quick Production (without planning)

✓  CRM

✓  Industrial Cost of Goods

✓  Treasury Management

✓  Operation based Cost of Goods (ABC)

✓  Fixed Asset Management

✓  Project Cost Control

✓  MRP

✓  Budget

✓  Manufacturing Control

✓  Manufacturing Resources Planning

✓  Production Planning

✓  Quality Control

✓  Workflow Management

✓  Query and Report Designer

Additional Models:

These modules are not included in the basic Tiger 3 Enterprise software package; however, once purchased, they can be used integrated within the software.

✓  Payroll

✓  Budget

✓  Distribution

✓  Consolidated Accounting

✓  Import

✓  CRM

✓  Export

✓ Android Handheld Solutions 

✓  Tender Management

✓  Point of Sales Solution


 LOGO solutions support holding structure and it is possible to manage intercompany operations in an integrated environment and benefit from cumulative and consolidated accounting.


The software allows the users and managers to access their operations in branches regardless of their geographic location, and accounting can use these features to carry the accounting operation of branches.

Remote Access

This software can be accessed remotely and best suited for enterprises that have offices and branches in different locations.


Parallel Solutions

Thanks to the development tool, namely LOGO Objects (LO), that LOGO has provided for its partners, it is possible to develop several software solutions within the same environment to address the special business requirements that the customers may have. It is also possible to integrate other software products using this tool.


Thanks to LOGO Object Designer (LOD) tool, it is possible to customize almost everything in the Tiger 3 Enterprise International environment. This includes but not limited to design forms, develop new modules, etc. without violating the integrity of the system.



Using mobile applications, it is possible to post transactions and get reports in both Android and IOS environments.



Users can benefit from single source of information to address all their requirements. As a result, all the unnecessary communications will be removed and the level of internal controls in the system will be noticeably increased.


Due to successful practices in enterprises in different lines of industries, reliability of the software is very high and outputs of the system can be trusted. As a result, unnecessary controlling activities can be removed from periodic operation cycle of the company


Thanks to customizing tools of LOGO, users can easily and independently address their requirements within the system.


Ease of Use  

With 30 years of experience that LOGO has with millions of users around the world, this software solution benefits from one of the easiest UIs among ERP packages in the market.



By supporting different languages, this software enables companies to work easily with their international partners, and helps companies in operating in different countries and developing their market.


With increasing expansion of interactions among companies in different countries and emergence of multi-national companies, the multi-currency feature of this software empowers the customers in developing their market.


High Speed

You can expect high response time from this software package at any conditions (both in high traffic of work load and high volume of operations)


International Support

If you wanted to expand your business, this software package is one of the greatest options since it benefits from support in different countries in local languages.


Domestic and International Standards

With successful practices in different countries, including Iran, all the accounting standards such as IFRS, IAS, FAS52, and standards of Auditing Organization of Iran are included in this software package, and they can be used in different countries.



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شرکت برگ سیستم، در حال حاضر علاوه بر این که نماینده رسمی فروش، پیاده­‌سازی، بومی­‌سازی، سفارشی‌سازی و تنها عامل اعطای نمایندگی شرکت ترکیه­‌ای لوگو در ایران می­‌باشد، خود نیز محصولاتی نرم‌افزاری جدیدی را تولید می‌نماید که هم به صورت مستقل قابل استفاده هستند و هم به صورت یکپارچه با نرم افزار های ERP شرکت لوگو، قابلیت کارکرد دارند که لیست این محصولات در وب سایت قابل مشاهده است.

شرکت برگ سیستم ارائه دهنده  نرم افزار های ERP در صنایع مختلف از جمله پخش و توزیع ، خرده فروشی، فروشگاهی، تولیدی، بازرگانی و پیمانکاری، در سال 1390 تاسیس شد. این شرکت نماینده رسمی محصولات ERP شرکت ترکیه‌ای Logo Business Solution می‌باشد. کارشناسان شرکت برگ سیستم از سال 1383 تجربه پیاده‌سازی نرم‌افزارهای Logo از جمله Tiger 3 Enterprise ،Tiger 3 ،Go 3  را دارا بوده و پروژه‌های مهمی را چه در سطح ملی و چه در سطح بین‌المللی به سرانجام رسانده‌اند.